NUGGETRY is a technology, lifestyle and entertainment company focused on the advancement of the marijuana community. We’re a team of developers, designers, professional problem solvers, tinkerers and critics, working around the clock to make NUGGETRY the most recognized brand in the cannabis community.

But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Whether you own a business, are a medical marijuana patient, or recreational smoker, NUGGETRY provides a central location to find out about all things Marijuana. Kind of like a “Yahoo for Weed”.


Since 2008, the NUGGETRY Network has been serving and supporting the cannabis and marijuana community by providing a wide variety of informational, educational and entertainment-based sites such as:

NUGGETRY MAPS: The best medical marijuana dispensary and marijuana doctor directory online. It is known for its convenience, accuracy, and ease of use.

NUGGETRY REVIEWS: Honest and accurate user generated marijuana, hash and dispensary reviews. This site is the online encyclopedia of strain information.

NUGGETRY TV: Based on his extremely popular YouTube Channel, Chubbs gave the bird to YouTube, created his own TV site and brought a few friends (like the CCC420) with him. Our Channel, Our Rules!

MY NUGGETRY: A “GREEN” Social networking site. In the short time since its launch, it has already become one of the largest social networking sites for the cannabis community.

NUGGETRY FORUM: The forum that supports NUGGETRY is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for all the marijuana related discussions you can think of.

NUGGETRY NEWSLETTER: The Daily Dank. This is the first and only daily medical marijuana newsletter written for patients, by patients. A true one-of-a-kind.

NUGGETRY NEWS: Keep up with the latest news impacting the MMJ and Marijuana community.

NUGGETRY BIG PICS: A very unique take on an old concept. NUGGETRY BIG PICS is a picture blog that is populated with nothing but Hi-Res photos of some of the best weed, wax, and glass in the world.

SHOP NUGGETRY: Shop NUGGETRY is our online store. From shirts, to hats, to skateboards, and Fatty Buds wall art, Shop NUGGETRY is the place to go for all of your NUGGETRY gear.

HIGH PRIORITY GLASS: HPG is the eCommerce side of our incredibly successful glass shop. Come take a look for yourself and you will agree, this stuff is AWESOME.

GOOSEFIRE GALLERY: Goosefire Gallery is our functional glass gallery in Long Beach. Check out recent glass blowers’ exhibits as well as upcoming events.