Meet the NUGGETRY team


Founder and Owner

Chubbs is an entrepreneur, visionary and owner of the marijuana mega-brand NUGGETRY. NUGGETRY is a technology, lifestyle and entertainment company focused on the advancement of the marijuana community. Chubbs has been involved in Southern California Medicinal Marijuana since the beginning as a grower, running a successful vending & delivery service and now as the director and owner of California Patients Association (CPA), the 420 Fire Department & the Beach Ball Club in Orange County.

" Fuck You-Tube "


Founder & Owner

Like a Unicorn, the Chupacabra or Nessie, Yogi is like a mythical creature of lore. Yogi's name carries softly on the lips of parents as a night time spook story to scare their children... if you see him... it's ALREADY too late.

Have you heard????? ... the bird... is... the... word...

Mrs. Chubbs

Editor in Chief

Mrs. Chubbs has literally been around from the beginning of NUGGETRY. Mrs. Chubbs has been behind the helm of virtually every aspect of the company. Starting with reviews, to contributing to the Daily Dank to being editor in chief of NUGGETRY Magazine. She has been instrumental to the rise and success of NUGGETRY.


Product Development & Production Director

Dallas oversees the business development & product development of the NUGGETRY brand. If you have ideas on how the site can work better, complaints, want to advertise or partner with NUGGETRY, please drop him a line and he's be happy to discuss the opportunity.


NUGGETRY Content & Art Director

Tokeahontas directs the content that is put on the NUGGETRY network. If it has to do with Reviews, News, The Daily Dank and/or NUGGETRY the magazine, Tokeahontas is the one to reach out to with any questions or concerns.


Photography & Social Media Director

Barbwire is the driving force behind the incredible photos that you find on "big pics" the magazine and across the entire NUGGETRY network. Her photography skills are on par with the best in the business. In addition to the incredible images that millions enjoy, Barbwire is also the voice of NUGGETRY's social media. You can find her posts on NUGGETRY's Facebook and Twitter feeds. If there is anything you'd like to see photographed or simply to give her props for the amazing images she'd love to hear about it.

Lucy Miller

NUGGETRY Insider/reporter

Lucy Miller has been an insider in the Cannabis community for a long time. From Northern California, she has her finger on the pulse of whats happening in the world of weed. Lucy writes the news and contributes inside scoops for the magazine and the Daily Dank newsletter.

L Dog


A long time reviewer for NUGGETRY, L-Dog recently joined the NUGGETRY TV team in reviewing medicine and collectives, attending cannabis events and producing quality video content for

Peace & Stay Lifted


The Internet Ecstasy

At NUGGETRY, Rajat gives shape to Chubbs's ideas.

" There is no demonstration of your feelings that can create the same feelings in another person "