OG #18 From Higher Approach (Skunk22pw)

Delivery & Staff Review – Higher Approach:
I was unsatisfied with the walk-in I go to “Natural Hater Ground” and I have a good delivery place in SD so I figured I would do that, since they take debit cards, were close, and they lab test and give patients pics and info about their strains.

The online verification process for…

Maryland Delays Medical Marijuana Regulations

Maryland Delays Medical Marijuana Regulations

On Tuesday, members of a 15-person panel tasked with establishing Maryland’s medical marijuana rules postponed a final vote on the regulations, which are already late.

The reason, according to the panel, is that they would like to make tweaks to licensing fees and make marijuana available to patients in both smokeable forms as well as…

DEA Raids Alleged Illegal Marijuana Grows in Denver

DEA Raids Alleged Illegal Marijuana Grows in Denver

In conjunction with Denver, Colorado police, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration raided six marijuana grows in Denver as part of an investigation into an illegal marijuana operation based in Minnesota.  Over $1 million in cash and marijuana was seized on Tuesday.

According to a law enforcement official who spoke under the…

OG Mini Nug Mix 2.0 From Higher Approach (Skunk22pw)

Good for: people who are on a budget. This is also good for people who like to smoke a lot, sample multiple strains, or most importantly stay on a monthly budget! You get a good deal without sacrificing quality for more weight, ie getting better than you money’s worth. This was way better than I expected and even in SD I don’t get…