Green Crack From NCPA (Drums)

lucy-miller by drums

Could this be the best AND worst GC I’ve had? I think most here would be happy finding this. Prettiest, and most potent GC I’ve found. Your experience really depends on where you are mentally when you try this. Can get very cerebral bordering on scary, but other times it almost put me to sleep. No consistency. I much preferred the…

Hawaii Lawmakers Tour Marijuana Shops in Colorado

Hawaii Lawmakers Tour Marijuana Shops in Colorado

Earlier this year, the Hawaiian Legislature passed a bill that allows eight retail medical marijuana stores in the state. This week, a dozen Hawaiian lawmakers took time to tour Colorado’s medical marijuana shops while in Vail for the Council of State Governments West annual convention.

Hawaii legalized medical marijuana in 2000, one…

Dr. Who From Geek Farms (JackDanieL)

It’s always good to bump into my pal Big Sam, and so when I saw him dancing in the aisles at Chalice, I didn’t hesitate to go get a hug…and some buds! Following him on Facebook, I know that the crew he works with is composed of meticulous growers, so for me to be able to get my San Diego hands on their Oregon-grown fire was an honor…