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Purple Trainwreck Bubble Hash - Homemade (Slim)

lucy-miller by slim

Not much purple color but strong and potent stuff here. Definitely notice the Trainwreck as the predominant strain in the mix. This hash came out great in terms of return and potency. I found that the anti-depressant effects are wonderful when used in small doses. Other uses might include a replacement for energy drinks, etc. –Slim

Federal Government Approves Arizona Medical Marijuana For PTSD Study

Federal Government Approves Arizona Medical Marijuana For PTSD Study

An Arizona researcher has been granted permission by the federal government to conduct research on the impact of medical marijuana on PTSD. Dr. Sue Sisley, who was terminated from the University of Arizona College of Medicine for reasons she believed to be linked to her interest in marijuana research, aims to study the impact of four…

NC House Panel Rejects Medical Marijuana Proposal

NC House Panel Rejects Medical Marijuana Proposal

On Wednesday, a North Carolina House committee unanimously voted down a proposal that would have legalized medical marijuana for people suffering from debilitating illnesses.

One medical marijuana supporter present at the hearing felt so passionate about the committee’s rejection that he struck Representative Dean Arp in the back. …

Special O From Private Dealer (Dreamer420)

Very strong high. Will help out a lot in a major way for all aches and pains! If you’re hoping to get some good sleep in then keep dreamin’ because this is NOT built for the weak. –Dreamer420