Cookie Monster # 7 From The Medical Bud (Jaydoe420_)

Great weed to have around. I wish there was more, hope there will be more around. All encompassing strain. It really does it all. You will get messed up if you smoke in excess as a beginner but if your tolerance is up there a bowl or two will probably be enough to medicate even the most seasoned of smokers. I love it! –jaydoe_

Seattle Closing Unlicensed Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Seattle Closing Unlicensed Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

According to Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, the city plans to close dozens of medical marijuana collectives operating without a license. The closures come as a part of combining Seattle’s recreational and medical marijuana programs.

“We’re strengthening the recreational marijuana market and creating safer, more consistent access for those…

Golden Goat From NCPA (Drums)

lucy-miller by drums

This is a great strain. Checks all the boxes. However- bummer- I don’t think I’ll get it again. You just can’t hide the smell. I think if I handed anyone here a joint of this, they’d guess it was Jack Herer. Some crossover genetics I’d imagine…although it certainly doesn’t look like jack. Pass it around the next Mensa meeting and think…