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NUGGETRY Staff - Oct. 2019
NUGGETRY Staff - Oct. 2019
NUGGETRY Staff - Oct. 2019
NUGGETRY Staff - Oct. 2019

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If you’re looking for the best and strongest thc products to get you stoned, you have come to the right place. NUGGETRY is owned and operated by a team of experienced industry stoners with 75+ combined years in the game. We’ve spent 12 years in the trenches running Southern California dispensaries, launching flower, extract, vape and edible brands, and creating new products. We know this shit inside and out.

Raw Garden Jungle Rush Sauce 4.7

Jungle Rush Sauce By Raw Garden Review

MAC Flower by Ember Valley 4.9

MAC Flower By Ember Valley Review

Crown Genetics Dizzy OG 4.8

Dizzy OG Flower By Crown Genetics Review

Crown Genetics Crown OG 4.8

Crown OG Flower By Crown Genetics Review

Crown Genetics Logo 4.8

Crown Genetics Brand Review

Fruit Punch Gummies by Ocean Grown Extracts 4.8

Fruit Punch Gummies By Ocean Grown Extracts Review

Ember Valley Ice Cream Cake 4.9

Ice Cream Cake Flower By Ember Valley Review

Ember Valley Logo 4.9

Ember Valley Brand Review


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Life’s too short to smoke schwag. That’s our unofficial motto here at NUGGETRY headquarters. That and “Top Shelf Only”. We create expert marijuana reviews so you can avoid buying bullshit that tastes like hay and doesn’t even get you high. Whether it’s a brand of saucy diamonds, a banging dispensary, or the best strain for owning heads on Xbox Live — we review the products that get you the highest. All NUGGETRY reviews are 100% honest and accurate, totally subjective, and completely free of any brand influence.

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