710 Labs Vape Pods

710 Labs Vape Pods are a little pricey, but definitely worth a try if you’re into super tasty, clean vapes that contain zero distillate. Using only live resin oil and proprietary battery/pod hardware, 710 Labs has done a great job of creating a semi-unique product that is going to be hard for the trap world to knockoff. It only took one rip for me to notice the difference between a 710 Labs Vape Pod and most of the other vapes I’ve tried. That being said, I do wish they were a little higher (no pun) on the THC side. The three pods I hit were all around 70% which is decent but I’ve had stronger. Priced a littler higher than most, 710 Labs Vape Pods look cool, hit smooth, taste great, and get you nice and high. Good job fellas.