The Best
OG's In SoCal

Nothing better than a FAT BOWL of some indoor grown OG Kush.

OG Kush is been the strongest marijuana flower to hit Southern California, ever. No other strain has been so influential in the history of the California marijuana industry. I’m not going to even try and get into the lineage and history behind OG Kush. We’ll save that for another post. For now, have a look at the best OG varieties we could find. All of the OG’s listed in this guide are the best-of-the-best. We HIGHLY recommend you get your hands on all of them. Each cut is noticeably different than the next. Some OG’s are a little gassier while others lean towards a bit of a sweeter side. All in all, they’re all hard hitters, taste insane, and can hold their own against any exotic.


Don’t let the blurry pics fool you. Josh D‘s Ghost OG is so damn good that on most occasions it gets smoked before anyone has a chance to photograph it. Definitely one of our favorites at NUGGETRY HQ, Ghost OG is a throwback to a time when hard hitting gassy OG’s dominated dispensary shelves. Grown to perfection by a team that definitely has a ton of experience with the cut. Well done guys.

Crown Genetics (aka ‘Crown’) has been working with fire OG cuts for longer than a lot of brands have existed. That experience, along with great genetics like Dizzy OG is why they have consistently been known as one of the top dogs in LA. The Dizz is a perfect example of quality genetics being crossed to produce a reliably hard hitter.

The Cure Company‘s Marathon OG, for those of us that are lucky enough to have smoked it, rightfully earned it’s place on the list by providing such a strong high after only 2 bong rips, that it was a no brainer. An almost perfect indica with a high that hits very hard. Low, red eyes. Crazy munchies. And a nice fat nap. Perfect afternoon if you ask me.

Crown‘s second OG on the list is their namesake strain and one of the most popular OG’s in SoCal, Crown OG. Often copied, never duplicated, Crown OG packs one hell of a serious head warming, face melting high that is only recommended for seasoned stoners. 

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