710 Labs Brand Review: Taking shit to the next level

Cranking out top shelf products seems to be the norm here.

710 Labs Persy Rosin
710 Labs Persy Rosin

Moving fast and being first is very important if you’re trying to take shit over. That’s exactly what 710 Labs has done. They pretty much had the entire high end market all to themselves while everyone else ramped up. That head start has proven very advantageous. 710 Labs products are everywhere and they’re all super stoney. An easy brand for me to recommend all day.

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Brand Review

NUGGETRY Score - 4.9


  • Flower
  • Extracts
  • Vape
  • Next Level


  • Stoner Level Products
  • Uber Consistent
  • Widely Available
  • They Know Quality


  • Pricey


There’s no real big secret to 710 Labs success (other than their tech). Start with high quality material. Hire highly experienced staff. Run everything as cold as you can get it. Treat each batch like it’s the most important batch of extracts you’ve ever made. Rinse, repeat. They take the time to do the things that a lot of other companies skip in an attempt to save time and/or money. Keep doing what you’re doing guys. It’s not going unnoticed over here and in a lot of sesh circles here in SoCal. Good shit!

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