Alien Labs Planet Dosi Sauce Review: Got diamonds?

Alien Labs x Royal Key Organics

Alien Labs Planet Dosi Sauce Hero
Alien Labs x Royal Key Organics Planet Dosi Diamonds

Whenever Alien Labs and Royal Key Organics get together for a collaboration you can bet the results are going to be fucking fire! And that is exactly what happened when they ran Planet Dosi and turned it into some killer sauce. This shit hit my like an indica right between the eyes. some may say it’s a hybrid but I didn’t get any sativa. All indica for me and I loved it. Super heavy eyes and a very warm forehead.

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  • Chunky Diamonds
  • Tasty Terps
  • High THC %
  • Lasting High


  • Pricey

Planet Dosi Sauce

NUGGETRY Score - 4.9


  • THC-A
  • Indica
  • Sauce
  • Collab


I’ve had a few different Alien Labs x Royal Key Organics collabs over the years and every one is fire. This Planet Dosi sauce is no different. Dab sweats kicked in right when I exhaled my first dab. (Was a big dab of course) Not a light spritz either. I was truly high as fuck and loved it. Very gassy exhale. High had me pretty hungry for about an hour. Great munchie hash.

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