Crown Genetics Brand Review: OG's fit for a king

High quality OG’s like these Crown grows take years to perfect.

Crown Genetics Dizzy OG
Dizzy OG

Looking for fire OG’s that knock you on your ass every time? Then you’ve come to the right place. Crown Genetics has been killing it with their line of fire OG’s for longer than most brands have even existed. Practice makes perfect when it comes to growing fire OG’s and Crown has a shitload of practice. I always look forward to the head warming rush I know is coming every time I take a Crown bong rip.

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  • Perfected Genetics
  • Uber Consistent
  • Hard Hitting Products
  • Quality Matters


  • Need More Variety

Brand Review

NUGGETRY Score - 4.8


  • OG Masters
  • Old School Brand
  • High Quality
  • C11-0000265-LIC


Crown Genetics and their award winning Crown OG are a known name in Los Angeles and surrounding areas and have been for years. Their reputation as a top shelf brand is rock solid. They successfully made the transition from trap to legal and never looked back. Easily one of the best and most well known OG brands in LA County. And that’s saying something since LA really is the land of OG’s. 

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