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Dizzy OG Flower By Crown Genetics Review: With a name like 'The Dizz' you know it hits

Crown OG x King Louis OG

Crown Genetics Dizzy OG
Dizzy OG

Crown Genetics knows how to grown fire OG’s and Dizzy OG is a perfect example. No lungs can withstand the force that is a Dizzy OG bong rip. Expansion is insane to the point where 1 toke almost felt like 2. Perfect before meal flower. The Dizz will have you munchies on level 10. I was craving Cinnamon Pop Tarts and a tall glass of milk after 2 fat bong tokes. Man, they were the best tasting Pop Tarts ever.

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  • Indoor
  • Stable Genetics
  • Tight Flowers
  • Small Stems


  • Can Hit Harder Than Expected

Dizzy OG

NUGGETRY Score - 4.8


  • Indica
  • Strong
  • Crown OG
  • King Louis OG


Dizzy OG is another hard indica that I’ve been smoking for days. One of the best things about the strain is that it has a very high ceiling. You think you’re as high as you can get but you take another toke anyway. Next thing you know, you’re even higher than you were before which you may not have even know was possible! Now that’s definitely a positive quality if you ask me.

I love it when something that I grew to love in the prop. 215 market successfully makes it’s way over to the prop. 64 market because that’s not always the case. Good job Crown, you guys are killing it with this one.

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Crown Genetics Dizzy OG 4.8

Dizzy OG Flower By Crown Genetics Review

Crown Genetics Crown OG 4.8

Crown OG Flower By Crown Genetics Review

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