F/ELD Extracts Brand Review: Paying attention to all the details

It’s pronounced ‘FIELD’ – Not sure why they spelled it like that.

Field Extracts
F/ELD Extracts Sauce

F/ELD Extracts score of 4.8/5 ranks them up there with the upper tier Southern California extract brands. The flavor that they are able to pull out of the flower they work with is insane. Very few extractors can do what F/ELD seems to do effortlessly. (At least they make it look that way)

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  • Always Strong
  • Top Shelf
  • Widely Available
  • They Know Quality


  • Pricey

Brand Review

NUGGETRY Score - 4.8


  • Award Winning
  • Fresh Frozen
  • High Quality
  • Consistent


No additives, no flavoring, no bullshit. F/ELD Extracts uses nothing but the best flower available to make some of the best extracts available. Looks, smell, taste, and most importantly, high are all on point every time. There’s nothing worse than buying some hash and falling in love with it only to be disappointed by the same brand/flavor the next time you buy it. That’s not happening with F/ELD. Their shit is on point every time.

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