F/ELDS Extracts Sour Kush Sauce Review: Chunks on top of chunks

Sour D x OG Kush

Field Extracts Sour Kush Sauce
F/ELD Extracts Sour Kush Sauce

Field Extract’s Sour Kush sauce looks like a million bucks! This is some really well made hash. If you’re into true hybrids that give you a boost at the front of the high with a back end that hits super heavy than this is the sauce for you. These are some seriously dense diamonds that uber expand on/in the nail. What I thought was going to be a good size dab ended up being a lung bleeder that tore me the fuck up.

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  • Super Frosty
  • Super Sticky
  • Strong Nose
  • Lasting High


  • Pricey


NUGGETRY Score - 4.8


  • Diamonds
  • Hybrid
  • Sour D
  • OG Kush


Sour Kush sauce from F/ELDS Extracts hit me like a true hybrid. With an empty stomach Sour Kush dabs made me feel very energetic and talkative. When my stomach is full, dabs mellow me out and totally put me in a relaxed mood. I definitely tasted more of the OG than I did the Sour D. But from the high I could easily tell it was hiding in there.

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