Flav Blue Raspberry Gummy Rings Review: Cotton mouth cause and cure

Can almost tast them through the screen.

Flav Blue Raspberry Ring
Flav Blue Raspberry Ring

Flav‘s Blue Raspberry Gummy Rings will immediately cure your cotton mouth. Then, a short time later, they’re going to induce double the cotton mouth you started with. That’s how you’ll know they’re kicking in. Easily one of the best tasting edibles available. As usual, Flav has done an excellent job of cranking out a great edible that looks, tastes, and most importantly, works great.

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  • Infused Not Sprayed
  • Taste Like Normal Candy
  • Easily Doseable
  • Easy 'Come Down'


  • None

Gummy Rings

NUGGETRY Score - 4.8


  • 100mg
  • 10mg Each
  • Fast Acting
  • Taste Great


When you need the perfect edibles to get you through a long day at Disneyland with the kids, this is your go-to. When you’ve got family over that’s annoying the shit out of you and you can’t blaze, Flav’s Blue Raspberry Gummy Rings let you slide into a nice high while remaining incognito in front of the in-laws. Anytime, anywhere, these little blue and white sugar coated gems have you covered.

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