Friendly Farms Brand Review: Making a name in the vape game

They don’t just make vapes. But the vapes they make are heavy!

Friendly Farms Liquid Live resin Cart
Friendly Farms Liquid Live Resin Cart

When I hear so many people talking about how they tried Friend Farms’ Liquid Live Resin cart and will never rip anything else, it makes my ears perk up. After giving their Forbidden Fruit cart a try I have to say I agree with the stoners. These things rip! Good to see a brand that understands the importance of offering a true high end vape option.

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  • Liquid Live
  • Not Distillate
  • Super Pure
  • Very Clean


  • Products Sell Out FAST!

Brand Review

NUGGETRY Score - 4.9


  • Fire!
  • Stoner Level
  • CDPH-T00001189
  • CDPH-T00002423


Friendly Farms makes a ton of really great products but for now we are going to focus on their Liquid Live Resin vape carts. Taking vaping to not only the next level, but a safe level is what makes Friendly Farms different. A dedication to clean, high end products shows in every one of their offerings. As I’ve said before, proof is in the pudding and Friendly farms has some damn good pudding. It’s going to be hard for me to vape other brands’ carts after hitting FF work all morning. Great job guys. Keep it up!

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