Friendly Farms Forbidden Fruit Liquid Live Resin Review: Game changer!

No additives, no fillers, no bullshit. Just quality thc oil.

Friendly Farms Liquid Live resin Cart
Friendly Farms Liquid Live Resin Cart

God Damn! Friendly Farms is tearing shit up with their liquid live resin vape carts. They use some of the best thc oil I’ve vaped so far. Nice, thick, flavorful, stony oil that gets you much higher than your average distillate vape. Looking forward to try as many new flavors as possible ASAP!

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  • Clean
  • Clean
  • Clean
  • Did I meantion they're clean?


  • Sell Out Very Fast

FF Liquid Live Resin

NUGGETRY Score - 4.9


  • Live Resin
  • Hybrid
  • Fresh Frozen
  • No Fillers


Friendly Farms’ Forbidden Fruit Liquid Live Resin cart is by far one of the best tasting, cleanest, and hardest hitting vapes I’ve ever ripped. They use high quality, fresh frozen (makes a huge difference) flower in every batch and it surely shows. One rip and you’ll notice a difference between a Friendly Farms cart and any other cart on the market. It’s that much different imo. Gone are the days of having a sore throat or a runny nose from your vape. Friendly Farms Liquid Live Resin tanks hit like champs with zero bullshit side effects.

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