Josh D Brand Review: Dude knows his fucking OG's

One of the best growers in the entire state.

Josh D Ghost OG
Josh D Ghost OG

When it comes to growing super sticky, very strong, very pungent OG’s, Josh D is the man to talk to. He’s been working with original OG genetics since they were first introduced to the scene. He’s pioneered growing techniques that allow him to rip bigger, stronger, stickier, all around better OG harvests than 99% of the growers out there. Sorry growers, that’s the truth.

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  • Original Genetics
  • Lemon, Candy, Gas
  • Sweet Citrus Smell
  • Always On Point


  • Can Be Tricky to find

Josh D Review

NUGGETRY Score - 4.9


  • Old School
  • Indica
  • High Quality
  • PML18-0001689


Every so often you come across a grower that grows so well that you have to recalibrate you brain and reset your standard for really good weed. That’s exactly what happens to a lot of people when they try Josh D’s flowers for the first time. His genetics and his tech are second to none. You think you’ve tried OG’s but until you’ve tried Josh D’s OG’s, you’re not trying the best. His shit stands head and shoulders above most others.

Josh D Flower

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