Josh D Ghost OG Flower Review: The stuff dreams are made of

Nothing gets me higher than good OG flower

Josh D Ghost OG
Josh D Ghost OG

Anything, anytime, anywhere. In case you can’t tell I’m a huge fan of Josh D. and his insane OG’s. Ghost OG is a monster of an indica that hits like a fucking beast! Flavor is on point with a hint of sweetness to go along with a ton of gas. Morning, noon, or night I’ll fire up his shit anytime. You’d be a fool to pass up a session where someone has broken out some Josh D flower.

Gallery: Ghost OG Flower | 4 Photos


  • Smells like sweet fuel
  • Tastes as good as it smells
  • Immediate high
  • 2 hour buzz


  • Can be tricky to find due to high demand


NUGGETRY Score - 4.9


  • Indoor
  • Indica
  • Original Cut
  • Strong AF


Ghost OG is a strain name that you hear thrown around a lot in dispensaries. I’d be willing to bet that less than 80% of the shops that think they have Ghost, don’t really have Ghost. Josh D has been working with the original Ghost OG cut for years. He’s perfected his tech and the results are phenomenal. Imagine the best OG you’ve ever smoked. Then turn it up a couple notches. That’s Josh D’s Ghost OG. A hard hitting indica that looks, smells, tastes and ‘works’ exactly how I want my OG’s to perform. Bravo!

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