Korova Brand Review: Killing the 100mg game

Man I miss the Black Bar.

Korova Sugar Cookie
Korova Sugar Cookie

The first “real” edible I ever ate was a Korova 1000mg Black Bar (No longer available due to CA. rules). It hit me like a Mack truck right in the forehead. I loved every minute of my 5 hour high. As far as I’m concerned, Korova’s reputation is rock solid and always will be. Great brand with great products. 

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  • Widely Available
  • Taste Great
  • Tests Accurate
  • Solid Reputation


  • Edibles are limited to 100mg by the state

Brand Review

NUGGETRY Score - 4.8


  • Legacy Brand
  • Experienced
  • CDPH-10002783
  • C11-0000569-LIC


Korova has branched out and offer a killer product line that’s worthy of a 4.8/5 all day. Their flower is some of the freshest, stickiest, pre-weighed flower I’ve ever smoked. Their edibles, with all the baking experience they have, are super sweet and very consistent. I’ve tried almost all of their edibles (As you will see) and pound for pound they stack up against any of the industry heavyweights.

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