Korova Black Bar Bites Review: As good as thc cookies get

Man I miss the original 1000mg Black Bar.

Korova Black Bar Bites
Korova Black Bar Bites

Korova‘s Black Bar Bites are the recreational offspring of their old 1000mg Black Bar that DESTROYED “medical marijuana patients” throughout California for the last 8 years. Black Bar Bite do their best to uphold the tradition the Black Bar tradition while being limited to 100mg in strength. That being said, these things rock! I know they’re limited to how much thc they can add but I have to be honest, they hit me a lot harder than a normal 100mg edible. That’s all I’m saying.

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  • Taste Great
  • Easily Dosable
  • Fast Acting
  • Lasting High


  • None

Black Bar Bites

NUGGETRY Score - 4.7


  • Indoor
  • Hybrid
  • Kosher Kush
  • Gelato 41


I have a feeling that sometime in the near future we are going to find out that cacao somehow amplify’s thc’s effectiveness because these Black Bar Bites, while limited to 100mg thc, hit me pretty damn hard. And I’ve got a good tolerance to edibles. Korova has done a good job or taking their old recpe and makiing it new again. Good job guys.

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