NUG Milk Chocolate Bar Review: Cacao with a hint of caramel

100mg has never tasted so good.

NUG Milk Chocolate Bar
NUG Milk Chocolate Bar

At 6.25mg of thc per square, NUG’s Milk Chocolate Bar makes micro dosing easier than ever. It’s an odd amount of thc to have in each dose for sure. Trust me, I did the math and there’s 100mg in each bar.

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, organic whole milk, organic cacao beans, organic cocoa butter, organic non-fat milk, organic soy lecithin, organic vanilla beans, Cannabis

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  • Taste Incredible
  • Easily Doseable
  • Creamy Choclate
  • Amost Zero thc Taste


  • Almost taste too good

Milk Chocolate Bar

NUGGETRY Score - 4.8


  • Single Source
  • 38% Cacao
  • Gluten Free
  • 6.25mg THC Per Square


NUG’s Milk Chocolate Bar almost tastes too good to be true. If it wasn’t for the very slight hint of distillate I’d of thought I was munching on a Hershey Bar. They’re that good. Easily doseable, each 6.25mg square provides you with just enough thc to get the party started. Grub the whole bar (not hard to do) and you’re off to the races on a solid high for about an hour or two depending on your edible tolerance. NUG’s makes all their edibles with oil made from their own garden. This level of control allows them to be very precise and consistent with each batch of sweets. Well fucking played NUG. You guys nailed this one.

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