NUG Refined Forbidden Funk Sorbet Review: Fruity AF!

Forbidden Fruit x OG Kush Derived Terps

NUG Forbidden Funk Sorbet
NUG Forbidden Funk Sorbet

Forbidden Funk Sorbet from NUG caught me a little off guard. After my first dab I almost didn’t think it was going to make the site. About 20 minutes later after my high had fully set in there was no doubt in my mind that this shit is FIRE! Talk about a creeper. Usually I can tell right away whether or not something is NUGGETRY level thc. This definitely snuck up on me in a great way.

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  • Very Fruity Flavor
  • Dabs Expand
  • Strong Nose
  • Creeper High


  • Bit of a short high


NUGGETRY Score - 4.8


  • Sauce
  • Hybrid
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • OG Kush Terps


My tolerance is so high that I’m surprised anything gets me high. NUG’s Forbidden Funk Sorbet hit me hard enough that I ended up CRUSHING a 7oz bag of White Cheddar Cheez-It’s and washed it down with two ice cold A&W’s. Whole ‘meal’ lasted about 3 minutes. Munchies kicked in from the OG terps and the creep comes from the Forbidden Fruit. Expert combination of cannabinoids that produces a great high that hits you quickly, but takes a few minutes to fully ramp up. Dab with caution.

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