Pearl Pharma Sin Mint Cookies Review: Moves so fast it burned the shelf

Blue Power x Forum Cut Cookies

Sin Mint Cookies Garden
Sin Mint Cookies Garden

Sin Mint Cookies from Pearl Pharma is a hard hitting indica dominant hybrid that was spawned one season when they decided to cross Blue Power x Forum Cut Cookies. The resulting flower produces a high that is fucking perfect for gaming. Super relaxing and long lasting high that had me in the zone for a solid 2 hours while owning everyone playing Xbox live. (Crossout and a bit of GTA Online)

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  • Beautiful Flower
  • Strong as it Looks (Not always the case with other flower)
  • Double Frosty
  • Perfect Density


  • Name confused a few people


NUGGETRY Score - 4.8


  • Indoor
  • Hybrid
  • Blue Power
  • Forum Cut Cookies


There are few marijuana strains that move as fast in a retail environment as Pearl Pharma’s Sin Mint Cookies. I’ve seen shops crush 3 pounds in a day. Back to back to back days. Reason- it lives up to the name. Grown to perfection and cured with love, Sin Mint Cookies delivers a top shelf, high power stone no matter how you smoke it. (I prefer bong rips in a very clean piece)

I tasted a bit of mint, a little cookie dough, and a hint of gas. Great combination of flavors that really pop. Looking forward to my next ounce.

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