Raw Garden Starwalker Sauce Review: Talk about a killer cross

Skywalker x White Bubba x Wedding Punch

Raw Garden Starwalker Sauce
Raw Garden Starwalker Sauce

Raw Garden’s Starwalker sauce hits 100% like an indica and I love it. Nothing better than waking up on a sunny Saturday, turning on some cartoons, taking a couple fat dabs of Starwalker, then crushing 2 fat bowls of Crunch Berries. Sign me up!

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  • Heavy High
  • Strong Dab Sweats
  • Dense Diamonds
  • Smooth Dabs


  • None


NUGGETRY Score - 4.7


  • Indica
  • Skywalker
  • White Bubba
  • Wedding Punch


Raw Garden’s Starwalker Sauce is a great blend of three different strains, each a hard hitter. As you can imagine, the result is a pleasantly gassy indica hash that hits hard. The high lasts a little longer than average which is always a bonus. Took 2 dabs right before starting to write this review. I’m about 10 minutes into the high and definitely feel like it’s still creeping up on me. Looking forward to see how high I get.

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