Saucey Brand Review: Bringing a little bit of East Coast style to the West

They transplanted 25 years ago and never looked back.

Saucey Products
Saucey Products

Saucey is the culmination of New York swag and California fire. Started by a group of stoners that transplanted themselves 25 years ago, Saucey is an epic blend of style, quality, and uniqueness that is needed in today’s recreational cannabis market. Especially if you want to succeed in SoCal.

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  • Pride in Quality
  • Unique Tech
  • Experienced Team
  • Great Style


  • Maybe Too Flashy

Brand Review

NUGGETRY Score - 4.6


  • Well Run
  • Reliable
  • High Quality
  • TML18-0003238


Saucey is a brand that’s quietly operated by a group of stoners including a celebrity or two. They’ve carved out space for themselves in the top shelf niche by both knowing quality, and understanding that in this market you need to spend it to make it. Saucey has done of great job of putting themselves in front of the right people and their distribution shows it. Widely available throughout SoCal at some of the most popular dispensaries, Saucey is a name that is becoming synonymous with quality and is going to be here for a while.

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