Strawberry Bliss Flower By Wonderbrett Review: Mouthful of berry energy

Bubblegum x Skunk (probably)

Wonderbrett Strawberry Bliss
Strawberry Bliss

Strawberry Bliss first made a name for herself in 2004 when a random seed was popped. Fast forward 15 years and Wonderbrett has perfected their cut to the point where my bong hits taste like a cross between a strawberry shake and blue cotton candy.

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  • Tight Nugs
  • Dense Stickiness
  • Tastes Like It Smells
  • Energetic High


  • Wish The Buzz Was Slightly Longer

Strawberry Bliss

NUGGETRY Score - 4.7


  • Indoor
  • Sativa
  • Bubblegum
  • Skunk


Sticky green golf balls of skunky bubblegum that smells like a bowl of berries. That’s the way I like to describe Wonderbrett’s Strawberry Bliss. A strong sativa that packs an uplifting high that is almost too perfect for a late night of online gaming. Certain strains put me in the zone better than others. Strawberry Bliss had me firing on all cylinders. Perfect concentration high. Great herb for a party or chatty session.

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