Connected Cannabis Co. Gelonade Flower

Please forgive the shitty pics. I’ll have some great high res. Gelonade shots soon. That being said, if you’re a fan of sativas then I HIGHLY recommend you get your hands on some Gelonade ASAP. The high and the energy that I felt from 2 bong rips is comparable to half a Red Bull and a small dab. Exactly where I wanted to be after today’s session. Bravo Connected!

Finally a ‘sativa’ that hits hard enough for us indica lovers to enjoy as well. Gelonade from Connected Cannabis Co. cherry picks it’s high from it’s parents. A bit of energy from the Lemon Tree and a handful of heavy eyelids from the Gelato 41. As usual I took 3 large bong rips and sat back waiting for my buzz to wash over me. That’s exactly what it did. About 10 minutes after my last rip I was high enough to chill out and watch Toy Story 3 with a perma-grin plastered on my face. Perfect strain for occasion.