OG Maywood Dispensary Review: Luxury in the middle of Maywood

Definitely built by someone with a vision.

OG Maywood Budroom
OG Maywood Budroom

Located a few miles Southeast of Downtown is one of cleanest shops in LA. OG Maywood opened it’s doors this year (2019) and immediately made a name for themselves by stocking the hottest and most popular brands and products in SoCal. They operate a very modern facility that is welcoming to both newcomers and stoners alike. Last call is at 9:45pm daily and they try and make things as easy as possible by having an atm on site. Prices are good so the nest time you’re in the mood to get high hit OG Maywood and take advantage of their offerings.

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  • Beautiful Shop
  • Well Stocked
  • Knowledgable Staff
  • Great Prices


  • Pricey (Certain Brands)

Dispensary Review

NUGGETRY Score - 4.7



6142 Walker Ave, Maywood, CA 90279


Daily 7am-10pm


OG Maywood came through in a pinch for me recently when I was in need of a half ounce of high end OG. Stopped through without checking the menu, confident that they’d have me covered. Of course, no issues. Grabbed some fire from The Cure Company and got on with a very busy day. Always nice to have another reliable spot on my personal radar when in need.

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