Urbn Leaf Bay Park Dispensary Review: San Diego's Finest

These guys are competing on a whole other level.

urbn leaf san Diego
Urbn Leaf Bay Park

Urbn Leaf’s Bay Park location is what marijuana dispensaries should both look and feel like. They’ve worked very hard at creating a comfortable look and vibe and it definitely shows. Every time I stop by I’m helped right away. Not once have I ever been disappointed with the selection. Every so often I’ll throw a budtender a curveball question about one of their products that I already know the answer to. Every time they either get it right or find someone to help me. No bullshitting going on here. That peace of mind is a big part of why I really like shopping here for my thc.

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  • Beautiful Shop
  • Well Stocked
  • Knowledgable Staff
  • Great Prices


  • Pricey (Certain Brands)

Dispensary Review

NUGGETRY Score - 4.7



1028 Buenos Ave San Diego, CA 92110


Daily 7am-9pm


Urbn Leaf’s Bay Park location is a beautiful shop run by a very well lit staff who knows exactly what they’re talking about. Best thing about tis shop is the attention to detail they pay to their extract selection. They always seem to have the latest and most poplar flavor from all the top top shelf brands. Prices are right in line with other shops in the area and they always seems to be making big moves. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had 2 or 3 more SoCal locations up and running in the near future.

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