Taking over SoCal one dispensary at a time.

Connected Cannabis Co. is an absolute giant in the California marijuana industry. They have a solid presence in Southern California that seems to always be expanding. Scroll down for their bio and check out the Dispensaries, Products, and Locate links for more information.

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California cannabis brands that survived the transition from the incredibly easy to navigate world of medical marijuana to the awesomely frustrating world or recreational marijuana will always have our respect here at NUGGETRY. At a time when most companies seem to be struggling to figure out the formula for success, Connected Cannabis Co. keeps their foot on the gas with total confidence in their plan and their brand.

The history of the Connected Cannabis Co. (Or “Connected” as it’s known) brand is a little foggy so I’ll try and break it down and make it as easy to understand as possible.

Connected was started by a couple friends in Northern California years ago. One partner had a successful shop up and running in South San Francisco. The other had a banger of a shop running in Sacramento. The 2 formed a partnership and together began to expand their empire by setting up multiple grows and expanding their retail footprint.

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At this point they had not created the Connected brand yet and each of their shops had a different name. There wasn’t a cohesive brand pulling everything together.

That all changed when one of the partners set his sights on a then little known Bay Area rapper selling his music, his weed, and a bunch of swag from a small table hidden in the back corner of a High Times Cannabis Cup brands tent. The rapper and his friend had created a brand and were putting everything they had into it. Their work was about to pay off.

The rapper was Berner, his brand was/is Cookies, and after hearing a pitch from 1 of the 2 Connected founders, he was all in.

This is where things get foggy as only 2 or 3 people know the details of the partnership between Berner and the guys and they aint talking about it.

Berner agreed to a deal that let the guys use the Cookies name and said he would promote the brand and the stores. The new partnership worked great for years. As Berner’s popularity grew as a rapper, so did the Cookies dispensaries and Cookies products. They BLEW UP and became one of the most popular brands in the game.

Cookies Takes Off!


Strains like Gelato 41, Biscotti, and Gushers (just to name a few) became the go-to flower choices for rappers, celebrities, and stoners alike looking to show off and get really high in the process.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and long story short, sometime around 2017-2018 Berner took his Cookies and went home. The Cookies brand name was no longer available to use. This created a bit of a shit storm that forced the fledgling Connected brand into the forefront. By now the brand was up and running but it was nowhere close to being ready for the public.

Fast forward to today and Connected Cannabis Co. has not only survived the storm, they are dominating. Their distribution extends from Sacramento to San Diego. Currently, Connected has multiple grows that support 7 dispensaries in California with 4 of them located in SoCal. (Santa Ana, Belmont Shore, Cherry, Bellflower). Their products can also be found in select dispensaries throughout the state.

Combining quality genetics, a passion for innovation, consistent processes and procedures, and a seriously talented team has turned out to be the recipe necessary for growing #designerweed. Connected is taking things to the next level by marketing themselves as a luxury consumer brand that produces high end products fitting of the finickiest connoisseur.

Weed is easy to grow. Good weed is hard to grow. Designer Weed is a bitch to nail. Connected has it down to a science. With some of the biggest, cleanest, and highest yielding indoor and outdoor grows in the state, each chalked full of exotic designer strains, you can bet they will be a force to reckon with in the California marijuana scene for years to come.

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