Connected Belmont Shore Dispensary Review: Right in the heart of restaurant row

One of the best business locations in all of SoCal.

Connected Cannabis Co Belmont Shore Storefront
Connected Belmont Shore

Connected Cannabis Co‘s Belmont Shore location is a little tricky to find on your first visit. Since it’s located on 2nd St., right in the heart of restaurant row parking is a bitch. The residential neighborhood directly behind the shop usually has available spots and is very safe. As far as the shop goes, it’s a beauty. Definitely one of the nicest, well run, and well stocked shops in Belmont Shore/Long Beach. If you find yourself at the beach, in need of some fresh Gelato 41 or Biscotti, you’re in luck. Connected’s got you covered.

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  • Beautiful Shop
  • Well Stocked
  • Knowledgable Staff
  • Good Parking in Back


  • Not Freeway Close

Dispensary Review

NUGGETRY Score - 4.5



5227 E. 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803


Daily 9am-9pm


Belmont Shore is the location for Connected Cannabis Co’s 2nd of 4 SoCal dispensaries. It’s located right in the heart of restaurant row and gets a shitload of foot traffic walking past all day, every day. Summer months are insane. Easily one of the best spots you would ever want to open a marijuana dispensary. The shop itself is uber nice. Very modern, great security, tons of high end brands on the shelf, and a great staff. They’ve done a great job of separating themselves from the pack in a pretty congested area.

In-House Flower

Fire Brands

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