Connected Cherry Dispensary Review: Bringing what LBC needs

There’s a lot of good weed in LB. Connected brings the great stuff.

Connected Cannabis Co Cherry St.
Connected Cherry

Long Beach is a big, oddly planned city. That being said, it makes perfect sense for a Giant like Connected Cannabis Co to have 2 dispensaries in the city. Now that the Cherry location is up and running it’s never been easier for Long Beach residents to consistently get their hands on fire thc. Located in what used to be a big airplane hangar, you will find a great selection of flower, extracts, vapes, edibles, and anything else stoners manage to infuse with thc. Prices are on par with the other Connected locations as is selection. Staff seems to be both hired and cherry picked (no pun) from the Connected Belmont Shore location. I feel bad for anyone trying to compete with Connected as they just have so much fucking momentum right now. Definitley going to be hard for anyone to dethrone them. 

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  • Huge Shop
  • Great Parking
  • Right Off Freeway
  • Top Brands


  • Pricey (Certain Brands)
  • 405 Traffic

Dispensary Review

NUGGETRY Score - 4.5



3170 Cherry Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807


Daily 9am-9pm


Connected Cannabis Co’s 3rd dispensary in SoCal is their Cherry St. location in Long Beach. Located literally right on the 405 freeway at the Cherry St. exit, right next to the Long Beach airport, you’ll find the spot built into an old airplane hangar. Appropriate for the location. As usual Connected’s done a great job of planning everything out. The flow of the shop is clean. The products and staff are both top notch. Everything makes for a great shopping experience.

In-House Flower

Fire Brands

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