Connected is one of the strongest marijuana brands in the game. They have a presence in both Northern and Southern California. Scroll down for their bio and check out Shops, the Products, and Locate links for more information.

Their Best Flower

Connected Gelato 41 Nug 4.8

Gelato 41 Flowers

The Scoop

Connected Cannabis Co. is known as a top shelf flower brand that occasionally drops extracts and vape carts via collaborations with some of the top concentrate makers in California. Sometimes the collabs workout and the result is a high quality, hard hitting, highly sought after creation. Other times, not so much. But when you’re producing on a scale that Connected is you can afford a few misses because the hits are so big.

(I just wish the killer collabs they drop were available more consistently)

So far, Connected does not have a functional manufacturing facility and/or permitted kitchen up and running. Hence the collaborations. I’m sure that once they have a lab of their own up and running they will slowly take over the extract market the same way they have with flowers.

There’s been times when other growers/brands have been in situations where they either had to discount their flower in order to sell them. Or in some cases, had to practically give them away because there was so much competing inventory available on the market. 

Connected has never been affected by these issues. During those same times when other brands were struggling, Connected was thriving. They’ve been able to command top dollar on the wholesale market through some of the most turbulent times in recent marijuana memory. And for good reason.

As 1 of the creators of the exotic strain trend in California, Connected Cannabis Co. has continually cranked out harvest after harvest of killer weed. Strains like Gelato 41, Gushers, and Biscotti are literally world famous. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in London with a pound of Connected flower in a Connected branded bag, you might as well be holding the keys to a brand new Ferrari because in London, they’re just about worth the same.

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