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10 Things You Should Know About NUGGETRY

  1. Every guide and review is created by stoners, for stoners.
  2. Our team has a combined 75+ years of thc consumption and experience.
  3. NUGGETRY was founded in 2008 as a medical marijuana delivery service in Orange County, CA.
  4. All opinions expressed on NUGGETRY are our own. We create all of the content on this site. 
  5. In addition to helpful guides, you can use NUGGETRY to find reviews about the best dispensaries, brands, flower, extracts, vape, and edibles in Southern California.
  6. We only review the best. A minimum score of 4.5 out of 5 is required to be NUGGETRY rated.
  7. NUGGETRY is 100% focused on Southern California. (LA, IE, OC, SD) It’s where we call home.
  8. NUGGETRY makes money by selling ads to local marijuana businesses. You’ll see these ads labeled ‘Sponsors’ throughout the site.
  9. There is no ‘Pay-To-Play’. A brand/dispensary must first be listed on NUGGETRY by our review team before advertising can be purchased.
  10. Paying advertisers can never change or delete their reviews.

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10 Things You Should Know About NUGGETRY

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