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LBC is now home to some of the nicest shops in SoCal. These are the best of those shops.

Growing up in SoCal during the 80’s and 90’s, we’d avoid Long Beach like the plague. Man how times have changed. The current crop of marijuana dispensaries that have sprouted in LB are doing a good job of serving local stoners. Of all the shops in Long Beach, there is a small handful of dispensaries that just seem to ‘get it’ a little better than the rest.

This is our ongoing list of dispensaries that you should try if you’re thc shopping in Long Beach. If you think there’s a shop that should be aded to the list, hit the contact page and send us a message.


The Circle Budroom 4.8

The Circle Dispensary Review

$$$ | Dispensary in Long Beach

The Circle recently hit my radar after I found out an old friend in helping run the shop. It’s a beautiful shop with more parking than 3 normal shops combined. They buyers at The Circle are good at making sure they have high end products to choose from in every category. If you’re anywhere near Long Beach and looking for some fire thc, hit up The Circle and tell ’em we said hello.

Connected Cannabis Co Cherry 4.5


$$$$ | Dispensary in Long Beach

Connected Cannabis Co’s dispensary footprint in Long Beach is deep. Located right next to the Long Beach airport is their Cherry Ave. location. Built in an old airplane hangar, this shop looks chill on the outside and beautiful on the inside. True to Connected form indeed. Shelves are stocked with some of the best brands in SoCal and the staff knows high end thc for sure. Next time you’re mobbing down the 405 jump off on Cherry Ave. and give Connected a look.

Connected Cannabis Co Belmont Shore 4.5


$$$$ | Dispensary in Long Beach

Getting in and out of Belmont Shore can be a bitch thanks to Southern California traffic. Being able to walk down the street and have access to a killer marijuana dispensary is exactly what the neighborhood needed. And that’s exactly what Connected delivered with their Belmont Shore location. Located on 2nd St., right in the heart of restaurant row, and a block or two from a ton of houses, this shop is a welcomed addition to the community and is going to do well for years to come.

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