From Trap
To Taxed

These dispensaries successfully made
the move from grey area to 100% legal

Running a marijuana dispensary prior to recreational legalization was challenging to say the least. Many shops didn’t make it (including all of mine) and have since closed forever. But there are a handful of “trap” shops that were well run, knew wtf’s up with good thc, and were able to hang on to their location all the way through the licensing process. These shops tend to be well stocked due to experience and have slightly (sometimes majorly) lower prices since they don’t have to pay back whoever funded the construction of a brand new, Apple store-style shop. 


$$ | Dispensary in Perris

A lot of places claim to have “dab bars” but really don’t.  Not WESTSiDE CLLCTV, they have a beautiful, cherry wood “L” shaped bar right in the middle of their extract room (yes, they have an entire room devoted to extracts) where shit goes down all day, every day. I personally took the above pic on 4/20 while hanging with the homies. Easily one of the highest and most fun 4/20’s I’ve had in a long time. One of the best priced shops on the list. Definitely worth a look if you’re into really good, well priced thc.

Greenwolf LA Storefront 4.8


$$$ | Dispensary in Los Angeles

Greenwolf’s reputation as a top-shelf dispensary is rock solid. As long as I’ve been creating weed content, Greenwolf has been known as a shop to hit when you’re in need of some high potency flower or wax for the next video.

$$$ | Dispensary in Los Angeles

Sometimes it’s not just what you know, but who you know. The operators at Buddha Co. DTLA know the right people and they make sure to always stay stocked from top to bottom. Freshness and selection are always on point. Definitely a quality operation.

$$$ | Dispensary in Los Angeles

The last time I stopped by Buddha Co Arts District the budtenders impressed me so much I wish I would have had them working for me back at my old shops. No matter what type of product I asked about they had the right answer. From flower to vape and everything in between. They nailed it. I really like buying my thc from people that I can relate to and I know get high frequently.

$$$ | Dispensary in Sherman Oaks

There’s a ton to be said about top notch customer service. Which is what I receive every time I stop by The Higher Path in Sherman Oaks. It’s nice to see a shop run by people who treat you like you matter to them. The Higher Path takes everything serioulys and it shows in their entire operation. Well done guys.


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