Why is high THC weed more popular

Why is high THC weed more popular?

Why is high THC weed more popular

Why is high THC weed more popular? Every dispensary or delivery service menu in California is packed with a huge assortment of flowers from handfuls of different brands. Consumers can easily be overwhelmed and find it difficult to choose which one is the best for them. It’s not unusual for retailers to end up with more flower than they need due to the fact that it can be just as difficult for them to choose which is best for their customers. So what’s the best flower and how do you as a consumer know which to pick? In today’s market, price and THC percentage tend to be the factors motivating most buying decisions which is why high THC weed is more popular. In order for customers to be able to make the right decision it’s important to know what level of THC is considered “high”. It’s also important to understand the THC testing process and how it makes a difference. And at the end of the day, is THC the only thing you should be concerned with when buying weed?

Let's talk about THC percentages

Why is high THC weed more popular

The strength or potency of a jar of flower is represented by it’s THC percentage. THC is the strongest psychoactive cannabinoid in a marijuana plant and it is what’s mainly responsible for the high you feel when you smoke a joint or take a bong hit. Potency testing started before marijuana was recreationally legal in California. SC Labs and Steephill have been around since the prop. 215 days. Back then, the state did not mandate testing of all THC products before they were sold. Only a select few brands and retailers bothered to test their products and the results were rarely used as marketing tools. Today things are very different. Every legal state makes THC producers and/or sellers test everything they sell and the process is standard. Besides price, THC percentage is the most popular way consumers decide what marijuana products to buy.

It wasn’t that long ago that flower with a THC percent in the 15-20% range was considered “strong”. Growers used to brag about harvesting strains that broke the 20% mark. Now, a 20% flower is considered mid-range and some might even call it low. It’s not unusual for a consumer to ask for flower with 30% THC. So much so that there are retail buyers that only stock products that test over 30%.

Why is high THC weed more popular

Why is high THC weed more popular

Now, more often than ever before, THC percentage is one of the first thing consumers ask about when shopping at a dispensary or placing an order with a delivery service. Most people think the higher the THC percentage, the better the weed. Over the years growers have crossed strains to create new strains or “flavors” and the tried and true favorites that everyone was familiar with are becoming less and less popular. The quickest and easiest way for consumers to compare new exotic strains with the OG’s (no pun) of the industry is THC percentage. True or not, perceived bang for your buck is what drives most marijuana purchases. And even though a very terpy 24% flower might get you as high or even higher than a less flavorful 28% strain, the 28%’er is going to outsell the lower THC strain almost every time.

In theory, a jar of flower that tests 32% THC should be twice as strong or last you twice as long as a jar of flower that tests 16%. Again, in theory, this is how it works. But any experienced stoner knows that THC levels are not the only factor in determining how high you get. The Entourage Effect occurs when you smoke flower that contains relatively high levels of THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and is packed with different terpenes, oils, and flavonoids. All of these compounds mixed together can pack quite a punch. I’ve personally smoked a strain called Cat Piss that tested mid-range by today’s standards but it got me as high as any 25-30% flower thanks to high levels of terpenes and other cannabinoids besides THC.

At the end of the day everyone has their favorites. If you like high THC strains and prefer to smoke them then go for it. But don’t write off low/mid range THC options simply because you think they’re less than. You might end up passing up on one of the best highs you’ve ever had.

Updated 6/9/2021

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