Maui Cookie Lady Madness!

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the Maui Cookie Lady, you’re welcome. She hails from the island of Maui (obviously) but she ships her cookies nationwide. To be honest the word “cookie” doesn’t do these beasts justice. As you can see, her recipe is a bit unique in that each delicious cookie is as big and tall as 3 or 4 normal cookies. Easily some of the best cookies you’ll ever munch. With flavors like traditional chocolate chip, peanut butter perfection, Half Baked (8oz cookie stuffed with Resse’s, Oreos and Snickers), and Vanilla Slurry (Bavarian Cream, tres leches, sweetened condensed milk, Creme Brulee , salted Caramel, burnt sugar, raw sugar, vanilla chocolate , Hawaiian Sea Salt) I very HIGHLY recommend.