Ocean Grown Extracts Pineapple Gummies

Ocean Grown Extracts hit a fucking home run with their vegan Pineapple Gummies. I’ve devoured 3 tins back-to-back-to-back today alone. Feeling pleasantly high and my sweet tooth has been cured. Perfect level of sweetness enhanced by just the right amount of sugar coating.

Pineapple is one of three flavors of thc gummies that Ocean Grown Extracts currently offers. Their Sour Watermelon and Fruit Punch taste just as good and are definitely as popular. We are anxiously looking forward to their next flavor drop whenever that is. It seems like OGE has their production process dialed in. A lot of Pineapple candy tastes like something other than Pineapple. Not the case here. Time has been taken to create a delicious pineapple gummy that also happens to have thc in it. Well played guys.

Even experienced edible lovers may want to take note here. The effects can sneak up on you for sure. Expect a relaxed body, red eyes, cotton mouth, the usual.