The reason we list so few vapes is because at this time, there are only a handful of really good vapes on the market. (By ‘really good’ we mean Live Resin and/or Sauce carts)

Normal distillate vapes, even from the most popular brands all suck. Period. Why? Because distillate sucks. It’s WAY too easy for a skilled company with a half way decent lab to take the shittiest trim you’ve ever seen, turn it into crude, clean it up, throw it in a quality tank, add some terps and a little filler, and call it top shelf.

Newest Vapes

Raw Garden Animas Valley #3 Vape Cart. 4.7

Raw Garden Animas Valley #3 Vape Review

Friendly Farms Liquid Live Resin 4.9

Friendly Farms Forbidden Fruit Liquid Live Resin Vape Review


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