The Smoking Ribs

High? Hungry? Then have I got a spot for you. The Smoking Ribs in Garden Grove has quickly become my go-to BBQ joint. It’s a small’ish restaurant located in a predominantly Vietnamese shopping center with tight parking. You’ll know you’re getting close by the smell of smoked meat that you can’t miss. Once inside that BBQ smell smacks you in the face! This place is legit. Every time I go, no matter what time of the day, it’s crowded. Sometimes the wait is 10 minutes, sometimes the wait is close to an hour. And regardless of how busy they are, there is always enough staff members working to make sure everyone is well taken care of. From the ribs, to the brisket, the mac ‘n cheese, to the sides. All are top shelf and worth of the wait. My favorite spot is the bar where you get the quickest service and a good view of the grub coming right out of the smokers. Nothing like dinner and a show when you high as fuck.